Reasons to Be Cheerful Links – February 2008

The reasons to be cheerful have been bountiful this month as we traveled the virtual world. Links include everything from on line CRM to complete and utter whimsy and we have more reasons than usual for February:

Myplick – never battle with uploading a Powerpoint again.

Buzzshout – want to find out about the latest web technologies? Buzzshout is the place to go.

Highrise – simple on-line CRM to allow you to easily manage your contacts. Great if you’re just starting out but not so easy if your contacts aren’t in Outlook and your forced to manually upload.

Got vmail – this service helps you manage your calls, provides toll free numbers and an answering service.

NCIX – this one is bricks and mortar and online and its great to have an alternative to the cowboys at FutureShop and Best Buy.

meez – while away your Friday afternoon creating an avator for your social networking profiles. Mine is “so meez”.

Strutta – Vancouver is a buzz with the yet to be launched Strutta. Is it a bird, is it a plane? Who knows (our launch invite got lost in the mail) but rumor has it its something to do with online video and gaming.

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  1. That’ll teach us to trust the mail service for sending invites…

    In all seriousness though, we’ll be inviting another wave of folks once our Alpha testers can voice their feedback and we can make a few tweaks. Should be with the next couple of weeks, so I’ll get you hooked up then.

    Thanks for the mention!

    Jordan Behan
    Director of Community Relations

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