The Internet has Eyes

The Internet and especially the blogosphere is a breeding ground for plagiarism. People like the idea of blogging but can’t come up with good content so they steal from others. Now that’s usually okay as long as you credit the source and link back but in some cases that simply doesn’t happen.

I witnessed exactly such an event this week when Monica Hamburg’s posting Behold the Power of Facebook for Business appeared on another site on 1st February. How did I find this out? Every time another site links back to mine it shows up both in WordPress (if they link to this blog) and in other sites like Technorati. I noticed the new link, clicked to read and follow up in true blog etiquette form only to discover no mention of the true author.

On alerting her, Monica immediately went into action with a great email she offered up on her site that others can use in dealing with situations like this:

I can see that you “added” my name, but this most certainly does not make it clear that the content is mine, nor that I wrote it. Please remove the post immediately – unless you are prepared to do the following:

1) Begin the post by CLEARLY STATING that it was written by me

2) Giving a link to the actual postIn this exact manner: “This article was written by Monica Hamburg on her blog, Me Like the Interweb,

I will be taking appropriate action if this is not performed in 2hrs.
Monica Hamburg

It worked and the piece has since been removed but it just goes to show how blatant plagiarism on the Internet has become. The good news is that due to the transparency of the web, its hard to avoid being caught out – so copycats beware get with the programme and write your own material or at the very least have the decency to link back to the rightful author!

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