10 Micro Blog Marketing Tips

If you’re thinking about using micro blogging for marketing, here are some guidelines:

1. Don’t be overly narcissistic – that means don’t blow your own horn too much!

2. As with all blog platforms always avoid the hard sell – its okay to tell your customer about promotions.

3. If your customer’s don’t have a clue what a micro blog is then keep it on the back burner for now.

4. Befriend some micro blog marketers and keep an eye on how they do it before commencing. Brian Chappell has a list of 200.

5. Get acronym savvy before you use said abbreviations.

6. Don’t try to micro blog on all platforms, find the one with the most clients and focus on that.

7. Don’t let micro blog marketing suck up to much of your time, set up IM and do it when your doing nothing else.

8. Look at it as a conversation – a 2 way street rather than just a soap box.

9. Tell people something they don’t know already about your industry, products or services (try to add value and make it interesting).

10. Use it to attract visitors to blog posts by posting the subject of your post or similar enticement.

Twitter is the micro blog that is getting the most attention right now but Jaiku, Cromple and Pownce are others.

BTW For those who read my earlier post today – the secret to formatting WordPress is to save and reopen rather than Save and Continue…

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