Blogging for PR

The blogosphere is a great way to get your message across and reach wider audiences but if you are thinking about harnessing it for PR purposes, be aware. As with all things web 2.0 blogging for PR can be done and done well but you have to approach it in a new way. When approaching a blogger:

  1. Don’t try to sell to them or buy their good words – it won’t go over well;
  2. Establish rapport up front if you can, network with them in other forums and develop a relationship that shows your sincerity;
  3. Relate your offering to a blog post they may have made on an applicable subject;
  4. Contact a select few bloggers via a personalized email that include links to pertinent pages or info;
  5. If applicable, offer a reciprocal link;
  6. Don’t use a traditional press release format – it will be perceived as too “suity”.

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