Happy Bloganniversary!

Our one year blog anniversary came and went recently with little fanfare (until now that is). We’ll put in down to having too much fun blogging. Here are just a few of the pleasures derived from blogging over the past twelve months:

1.The Out-Smarts blog is doubling in readership every month but it wasn’t until November when post on a Facebook hoax brought the first HUGE spike in traffic. Its great to ride a wave.

2. In January I was introduced to someone I hadn’t met before and they responded that they enjoy this blog – very flattering;

3. Its always fascinating to track where visitors come from. This site gets visits from all around the world we have visitors in the UK, US and Canada but have also met colleagues from Serbia, Korea and India by blogging here;

4. When our work was copied last week the community really rallied around giving advice on next steps, encouragement in a number of different forums – heartwarming indeed.

5. Its amazing how easily blog posts ideas and words can come one day then another its like getting blood out of a stone. I look for inspiration by reading other blogs, listening to podcasts, attending seminars and events but perhaps the most unlikely inspiration came from a tech column in Women’s Health magazine.

6. Blogging has been very therapeutic – its a great way to get things of your chest but alternatively it can be quite addictive – its important to manage blog time effectively when there’s so much out there to learn about.

7. Establishing expertise is one of my main reasons to blog and this is continuously reinforced when I meet with new prospects who have read the blog prior to our meeting – it reminds me to be careful what I say!

8. We’ve averaged about 2 or 3 blog per weeks and have noticed traffic correlates to number of posts up to a point – another incentive to blog regularly.

9. Blogging has led to podcasting. Who knows what will be next – vlogging? Watch this space.

10. The power of 10 – people like lists and 10 seems to be a popular number giving us a great excuse to stop now.

Here’s to another great blogging year….

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