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A client of mine recently came upon the Real Finder Link tool and asked me my opinion. As will most of these things that pop up on the Internet advertising free and easy results I was sceptical. However I decided to take a closer look and actually installed this one to test it.

What it is is a utility that crawls blog sites for keyword terms of your choice then lists them and autofills the website, name and email address forms saving you time. Say you wanted to find posts on business development, you would enter “business development” and it would bring up all the blog posts it could find on that subject (you can segment this by number of comments on the post if you like). It then auto fills your details and you can add appropriate comments.

Its actually quite a quick way to identify posts that you may want to comment on and I will probably end up using it to save me some time.

Here are the downsides:

  • took about an hour to download the software and get it going and bogged down my machine while doing so
  • heres no time limit as to the blogs it finds so it often comes up with ancient blog posts or dead blogs that there’s no point in commenting on (other than for the link – but maybe thats the point?)
  • it doesn’t catch all blogs (I entered Internet marketing and nothing came up)
  • and once they have your email address they start emailing you daily (and more) – but I have to say that when I complained about this I got a very personable email from Neal Shearing the founder explaining his over enthusiasm.

With Real Finder Link you have to take time to read the post and make a valid comment – its not an engine so it doesn’t completely automate the process which is a good thing – to me the whole point of using a commenting link strategy is to establish your expertise at the same time as growing your links. It really does save you time in that it autofills your forms and also in the search process. I suppose you could ask it to find a post that has 100 comments and add something irrelevent in the hope that no one will read – giving you the link but risking your credibility but I don’t think thats a good idea. Question is, is it about links at all costs or valid commentary (I err on the later off course).

Regarding your link strategy – commenting on blogs is a great way to do it and I always encourage you to comment more and add links back to your site that way but its a 2 way street. Companies should always add a blog roll or links section to their web sites where they can add links to both blogs they read that would add value to your clients and web sites that would be useful resources for clients to use.

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