New Experiences in Podcasting

Last month saw our first 2 podcasts and there’s more to come. Wouldn’t you like to share the Podcasting learning process I am going through it so that when its your turn you can learn from my mishaps? This week I recorded the first podcast interview on the hop in a coffee shop near the beach, lots of background noise and all. I was trying out a Belkin plugin for my iPod which worked like a dream. Sound was great, the process to record and upload was all automated and very simple – perfect. Podcasting couldn’t be easier.

I was lulled into a false sense of security however. The problems began when I tried to do some editing with Garageband. Not an easy task as I found out and this isn’t my first time using it either by a long shot. Garageband isn’t as intuitive as I’d like it to be, its slow and cumbersome. And wizard would help – if you’re listening Apple. Now I am trying out Audacity but off course how to import a file from an iPod to Audacity: the fun goes on.

There is another Podcast planned soon this time over Skype which brings more technology to the mix guaranteeing another interesting experience. With any luck the interview recorded this week will finally be published by then. Watch out for the uncut version – coming soon!

My experiences have led me to believe that Podcasting is far from being a medium for the masses. Not yet anyway. Before it can become mainstream, it has to go through a simplification process making it easier for the non tech majority to adopt and enjoy its benefits. In the meantime, if Podcasting is something on your corporate agenda, hire a professional and save yourself some pain.

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