OpenID what it is and why you should know.

Last summer I blogged about my frustration with social media and in particular the need to remember so many login processes and details. It’s all very cumbersome and time consuming – especially if you can’t remember your password.

Thankfully the days of having multiple logins are coming to an end. You may have noticed OpenID logins or logos on some of your favourite Internet networking hubs. OpenID is a new approach to Internet identity. Right now you have a different ID for each and every site but by using OpenID you will be able to use one digital identity for many sites you use.

OpenID is aimed at making the Internet safer (by making it harder for people to gain access to your personal details) and easier to use. It should save you time in that you won’t have to fill out another endless registration form.

The popular bookmarking site Ma.gnolia is pioneering this by making OpenID a prerequisite for new users in an effort to further eliminate spam and limit fraudulent use of the bookmarking system. Ma.gnolia isn’t the only company adopting this – they are in company with Yahoo, Google and Microsoft to name but three of over 10,000.

One recommendation – choose a veritable ID provider. I used one recommended on the OpenID sites – they also list:

I also downloaded the browser plugin that allows me to add pages to my OpenID account easily when I am surfing. Its early days for OpenID but once all sites are on board and users proliferate, I can see the web being a much less cumbersome domain.

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  1. Thanks for including Vidoop, is the browser plugin you mention the one that we offer? I use our plugin all the time to manage my standard logins, it has saved me quite a bit of time since i dont need to reset my super secret password on every site I go to 🙂


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