WordPress Formatting And Other Rants

Why does it always take twice as long to do anything as I expect it to?

Yesterday it was the crappy Lexmark printer and its constant error messages about cartridges in the wrong place or “connection to the printer could not be established” – despite the fact that the cartridges hadn’t moved since the previous print just minutes before and the connection is just fine (ditto from minutes ago). I had an HP printer for 10 years and never had a problem with it. This is the last Lemark I buy.

Today me beef is with WordPress. Why is it that in both Safari and Firefox the formatting is rubbish. What I mean by this is that regardless what breaks, returns or spacing I try to put in my posts it invariably runs everything together as one large paragraph as soon as I hit save. I’ve tried adding returns in both visual and I’ve coded breaks in the code screen but nothing makes a difference. Unlike Lexmark I have some loyalty to WordPress and look forward to the next release in anticipation that it will fix these bugs.

Will blogging about these make a difference – probably not but at least its off my chest now.

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