Collaborative Marketing

Collaboration is the key mantra these days. It started out with web 2.0 on the Internet and is now spilling over to encompass both advertising and marketing approaches.

By engaging your audience and involving them they become more aware of your offering, they are more likely to buy and they return to your site frequently further entrenching your brand loyalty as well as increasing your site traffic.

Here are some examples of great interactive viral campaigns. BoConcept, the furniture retailer based in Denmark is currently running a competition called “No More Ugly Furniture”. They ran print ads in local papers to promote the competition which encourages participants to upload pictures of their hideous furniture for a chance to win $7000 towards new Bo Concept furniture. At this time over 1000 photos have been uploaded. Winners will be decided by public vote online. Each person who votes is also entered for a prize. Check it out and while you are at it please vote for my crappy banker box audio stand :o).

Another great example of collaborative campaigns is being run by Kokanee beer campaign. Ranger Live or Die campaign gives the audience the opportunity to terminate the “ranger”. The park “ranger” has been a feature in Kokanee ads for years now as he hunts down sasquatch. The audience can go on line and vote to keep or kill the ranger – whilst you don’t win anything by voting the site you visit does a good job of brining to your attention all the other Internet hubs you can visit Kokanee on and as well as links to competitions.

The last one is for the movie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. A series of ads went up in public locations with phrases like “I am so over you Sarah Marshall” prompting word to spread debating whether they were the retaliatory tactics of some jilted lover. In true viral fashion, even radio stations began to debate the story.

The beer one doesn’t interest me so much but I’ve been back to BoConcept every day since I uploaded my audio unit (if you can call it that) and I visited the movie site, watched the trailer and might even go to see the movie.

The key is to attract the right target segment with a meme and once you have them, give them a good reason to spread to word and interact.

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