Massive Trade Show

Today was the Massive Show in Vancouver – a trade show aimed at allowing companies to demonstrate technology for business. The event seems to get bigger every year, this year companies of all sizes from Yahoo to start ups were there.

In attending these events I always find it interesting to consider the impact of the present organizations marketing message and image. Here are some tips to make your trade show marketing more effective.

  • Make sure your name and logo stands out on all materials.
  • Don’t try to give people information overload – people can only process so much in one small space.
  • Don’t use overly technical terms – translate the benefits of your offering in to business speak.
  • Keep your message short, with impact.
  • If you are giving out freebies make sure they work (I picked up several dud pens from dud companies methinks).
  • Don’t sit at the booth with your head down picking your nails or worse in a huddle with your booth mates with your back to the crowd.

If in doubt hire a marketing consultant or events organizer: a well branded, professional presence at trade shows really pays especially for small to mid sized organisations.


  1. I have to disagree with your first point “Make sure your name and logo stands out on all materials.”

    What should stand out is how you solve your customer’s problem or how you satisfy a need they may have. When someone is attending a trade show they are looking to solve a problem or need and this is what will make them stop at your booth and want to talk to you. When someone is looking for a vendor they are not looking for their logo or their name but how that vendor can help them. Obviously your contact information is important but it should not dominate any of your marketing materials.

    Traci Browne
    President Red Cedar Publicity and Marketing
    “Strategic Face-to-Face Marketing Consulting

  2. Traci’s comment is very valid and I completely agree that you need to show how your company solves a need – I alluded to this in point 3, but its absolutely no use if you don’t make the the company name/website/logo obvious (either, or) so that interested parties can follow up after the show.

    She is right, contact information isn’t important at all in this day and age as people will Google but I think having a good company name and logo is important as it is an opportunity to reinforce the brand and extend awareness so that interested parties have something to go on when they do Google.

    Some of the companies at the show yesterday had materials with several different names, it wasn’t always clear which was the company brand and which were product lines and so on – all very confusing and not exactly memorable.

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