New Experiences In Podcasting 2

Podcasting is not as easy as I had anticipated – as I mentioned in my last post, but there are some gems of simplicity out there that give me hope.

One such gem is Levelator: a tool that adjusts the audio levels within a podcast. You’d use it if you have a recording of an interview where one person is talking louder than the other – the software (as the name suggests) levels the audio so that both speakers sound the same.

Everything should be as simple to use as Levelator. Simply drag and drop a WAV file to the Levelator window. It sets to work automatically and spits out a new levelated audio file. I love it.

Now on to the frustrating side of my podcasting experience. I finally have the Garageband application sussed, I know how to use it somewhat effectively. So much so I was able to edit a 2 hour interview down to 40 minutes in no time.

Now I have a great podcast ready to post, the next simple step should be to upload to the blog and bobs yer uncle. Not the case, WordPress limits uploads to a 7M files size and my MP3 podcast file is way more…. I am now exploring the possibility of creating a new page with Google (per the great WordPress support forum) and podcast host providers but what a cumbersome work around. Any insights or tips to solve this – let me know!

I’ll keep you up to date with the continuing saga.


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