Personal Branding

The concept of personal branding is de riguer these days and being the in thing, its getting a lot of coverage. Personal branding is, in essence, a means to self package yourself in such a way as to present a particular image for career purposes. Its the way you market yourself to your peers and prospects.

The idea of having a professional image is not a new one – uniforms have been standard for many occupations for centuries. The difference with personal branding is that the concept is not to make you look like one of the crowd rather to make you stand out from it.

When considering your Personnal brand you should look at many factors: the way you speak, the way you look, the car your drive, your character but the single most important aspect to consider when building your brand is that it has to be real. It has to reflect the real you. A personnal brand that portrays a false image will be apparent to everyone you come into contact with and will do more harm than good. For example, there’s no use trying to talk in a sexy foreign accent, people will just laugh at you.

I am fortunate to already have a sexy foriegn accent (or so I am told) so rather than try to North Americanize my vocabulary, I emphasize my Scottishness – its part of my brand and something that makes me stand out from the crowd.

Identify the unique aspects of your personality or the way you look and use those to make you stand out from the crowd. By building on a personal brand that it true to you, your efforts will be more rewarded and your image will be more realistic and authentic.

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