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These days I see a divide between marketers. There are 2 camps, the traditionalists and the technologists and rarely do the 2 meet, far less collaborate – which is a shame because a marketing project is much more likely to be a success if it blends the best of both to reach the intended audience.

Traditionalists tend to be of the opinion that tried and tested approaches to market are best. They eschew the Internet preferring to focus on tangible approaches within their comfort zones. They have been doing things their way for years, it has worked for them so why try anything new.

Technologists on the other hand scoff at traditional marketing pointing out that the Internet is more cost effective and highly targeted. They say that times have changed and no-one pays attention to traditional approaches anymore.

A good marketer should take a step back and consider who they are trying to reach. They should look at all of the options available to reach that audience and determine which will be the most effective. More often that not a blended approach to market, one where traditional marketing complements Internet or vice versa will deliver by far and away the best results.
Marketing Blender

A case in point this week at Steadyhand. Their blog, which already boasts very respectable traffic (and is an invaluable component of their marketing strategy), saw a huge spike in traffic to the site as a result of the blog being featured in a Globe and Mail article and poll. Traditional fed into Internet and the blended approach enabled them to build brand awareness with a wider audience.

Its called the marketing mix for a reason you know. By blending the best of traditional marketing strategies with new Internet approaches, your chance of nailing the target audience is greatly enhanced.

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  1. Affiliate marketing has the potential for establishing passive income streams, but you unquestionably will need to put some time and effort in the beginning to get your strategies in place.

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