Greenwashing Direct Mail

A recent article in the Canadian Marketing Association blog asks: Can direct mail be environmentally friendly? Written by a direct marketer, the article claims that proper use of direct marketing is reducing the environmental impact in various ways including:

  • clean mailing lists reduce the amount of undelivered or improperly addressed mail;
  • providing and properly administering opt outs reduces the amount of paper required;
  • house holding and list management can reduce the amount of duplicate mail.
Sometimes the best way to reach a prospect is by direct mail and by focusing, as the article points out, on customer data management, the environmental impact of direct mail can be reduced. However, given the choice e-mail or Internet marketing approaches have much lower impact on the environment and are much more highly targeted.
So next time you have a marketing campaign in mind stop and think about the environment and look at ways you can avoid wasting valuable resources before you send out fliers willy nilly in mass blasts. Read the CMA post for some more great resources to help you do so and start thinking about the planet.
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