Blogging for Research

I had the pleasure of speaking last night at the BC Chapter of the Professional Organisers of Canada. The topic was Blogging for Business and it was very well received with lots of questions and interaction – it was a great audience.

Regarding blogging, it became apparent that many people in the POC community run small to medium sized businesses and have little time for anything but their business itself.

Blogging needn’t take much time and if you schedule it into your day and get in the habit then its easy to fit in. A post needn’t be long or detailed, it just had to adds value for your audience.

The benefits of a blog are many: low cost marketing, enhanced branding, establishing expertise, more traffic to your site and so on. It makes the effort worth it.

However, if that isn’t enough to entice you to blog then you should at the very least be using the blogosphere to research. Its free, its readily available and there’s a tonne of stuff being said about your industry right now. Use the blogosphere as a research tool and as a way to learn. The best way to listen to what it being said about your industry, product or company is to use a blog engine like Technorati to search.

For some more useful information for organizers on searching for blogs and on keyword positioning check out Seascape Web Design’s latest blog posting. I am glad I inspired you Katy!

Thanks to all who came out last night.


  1. Glad it went well – I think Katy’s a natural, I’ve already learned something from her about customizing the Blogger header. Which is nice, because so many of the bloggers I know use WordPress and while it’s great to learn about its marvellous features, I’m not ready to change platforms right now.

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