Reasons To Be Cheerful June 2008

Amid the furore of the CBC loosing the rights to the Hockey Night in Canada theme, its good to see that something is going well for them. I’ve been listening to some of their podcasts for a while now and I highly recommend Search Engine which discusses ways the Internet is changing the world.

Blog Explosion – blasts to numerous blogs at once: a great way to get your blog heard.

I’ve been looking for a contractor for a while now and I think my search is over thanks to MyTradefinder a web 2.0 site that refers and classifies contractors.

I found the last 2 thanks to Fiona at FMWalsh: Salesconx is an online place to buy and sell decision maker introductions. Interesting concept but whether it will be effective remains to be seen. BillingBoss is another online billing system for me to try out in my never ending search for the perfect package.

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