10 Things You Should Never Do When Growing Your On-Line Professional Network

In follow up to my last post I wanted to provide some guidelines to bear in mind when networking on-line. Here are a list of things you should never do in these forums as they will be detrimental to your efforts.

1. Avoid posting nude or inapropriate photos or vids of you or others.

2. Check your profiles regularly to make sure others haven’t posted inappropriate images or other material. If they have then delete them.

3. Avoid profanity, swearing and rudeness. Its not professional.

4. Don’t tell lies or fabricate information or you’ll likely get caught out. There’s always someone out there who knows you and who could call you on it.

5. Ignore privacy controls – every social network has privacy settings, use them accordingly to manage who sees what.

6. Plagiarise – don’t do it, be original – it will be much more interesting for your audience.

7. Don’t be overly narcissistic. Who cares what colour your socks are or what you had for breakfast?

8. Don’t try to participate in every forum – you won’t get anything else done for social networking. Focus on those which offer the most benefit.

9. Don’t spam people. On Twitter I immediately delete anyone who tries to direct sell to me – thats not what the social network is for.

10. Don’t inundate people with unwanted guff: Facebook apps are the worst. I don’t add anything to my Facebook profile that takes me away from the site or worse, spams me.

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