Adding Images to Your Blog

Making your blog attractive is paramount to pleasing your audience, attracting repeat visitors and in keeping their attention. One way to make your blog more user friendly is to add some eye candy to the site. By adding images to blog posts users have a fresh perspective – something new to look at each time they return.

Adding images is relatively easy. Simply go to one of the on-line galleries (those I use most often are outlined below) locate the right pic and upload it to your post.
istock photo
everystock photo
stock xchng
getty images

Its common blog etiquette to mention the artist in your post and link back to them just as you would do for written work. Many of the sites that allow you to download free images also make it mandatory to contact the artist in advance to request their permission to use the image.

To add images from WordPress, simply click on the “Add Image Button” (looks like a picture frame at the top left of the text box). You have two choices – which you pick will depend on the source of the image. If you have an image saved to disk then click “Choose files to Upload” locate, select and position the image. If you have located an image online then enter the details in the “From URL” form. Et Voila, your picture is front and centre.

Which leads me to why there aren’t more images on this blog. My posts are often spontaneous and I don’t have time to find an image a week in advance – I simply don’t blog that far ahead. I also like images to have relevance and don’t always have time to do a spontaneous search for appropriate pictures. The one above is from my recent trip to Paris -its about as relevant as any of the free images I found online searching for “blog”. But I digress. I’ve found that some WordPress plugins play havoc with image uploads too.

So why bother with images at all? Because they do give a certain newness to a site: when someone returns to the blog there’s something different to catch their eye. Images make blogs more attractive and they also provide a valuable opportunity to link back to your site (the more links you have the better in terms of search ranking). So it might be worth the effort. Note to self – add more images.

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