Easy Ways to Use Web 2.0 for Busines

The evolution of the Internet brings new ways to reach your target audience, build brand awareness and develop business. Here are some simple ways the you can take advantage of Web 2.0 technology to grow your market on line.

1. Add a blog to your site – you can start blogging today using WordPress or Typepad. Blog to establish your expertise and increase traffic. Be sure to include a comments section for readers to give feedback.

2. Use a photo site like Flickr to show case your talents – especially if your focus is visual arts. Link these back to your web site and include in other forums – the more people who see your work the more interest you will get.

3. Add a Skype link so that people can contact you by phone and over the Internet making it easier for them to do business with you.

4. Use widgets to get your audience interacting. Participation increases return visits and makes your site more sticky. Examples include easy to use poll widgets (PollDaddy) and traffic counters (Alexa).

5. Use video clips to enhance customer service and post them via YouTube to reach more people.

6. Consider Podcasting your expertise but read our New Experiences in Podcasting blog posts first to learn from our mistakes.

7. Use wiki technology like PBWiki to facilitate collaboration both within and out with the organisation.

8. Sign up and start using a professional or social network like LinkedIn or Naymz but choose wisely by considering where your prospects are most likely to hang out on-line.

9. Consider using a book marking site like Ma.gnolia to share your web discoveries and favorites, to further establish your niche and to network with like minded counterparts.

10. Provide links to all of the above on your site to make your company even more accessible in these forums.

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