New Experiences In Podcasting 4

If you have listened to our latest podcasts you might have noticed something. We’re getting much better at it! Finally, all of the trial and errors embarking on our podcast adventure are beginning to pay off. Here are some of the podcasting best practises we have learned on our journey so far.

  1. Get good equipment – make sure its all compatible and easy to use. You’ll need podcast editing software, a recording device and a place to post.
  2. Record in a quiet place – there’s nothing like a baby crying in the background to put your audience off.
  3. Be prepared – a podcast should be natural and in the moment but it doesn’t harm to be prepared upfront with a list of topics to discuss.
  4. Streamline the process as much as possible – avoids having to have too much time editing and manipulating.
  5. Keep it short – that way you avoid having a colossal file to upload to your server.
  6. Promote your Pod in all the right places. Do it separately from your blog or site to build links and remember to submit it to iTunes.
  7. Interview industry experts and vary the topic but try to keep within your chosen theme.
  8. Don’t get cocky. Don’t assume everything is going to go right just because it did last time. Be prepared for curved balls. Do a sound check to make sure your equipment is recording and the sound is good.

One Comment

  1. Truer words. I got cocky when I used my new snappy sennheiser dynamic mike. As usual, I didn’t listen to it and uploaded to the guy that produces. He said it sounded ok, so I sent it to the client.
    Well, I got blistered for some background noise in my intro. Listened to it and there was an odd infrequent noise I couldn’t identify. Kind of a scraping. Really odd.

    It was my moustache. Note to self… flog the production guy. And myself.

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