Reasons To be Cheerful July 2008

Its that time of the month again. Time to look back and recap on new media developments. Here are links to our favorite finds of the month:

Fresh Start Recycling – not only an online wonder using blogging, blog PR and social media to spread the good word, this Vancouver company gets rid of your junk (both home and domestic) and recycles as much as possible.

Sphinn – is a great forum to find Internet marketing news and to participate on related forums, its a great source for whats new in the industry.

Easy Tweets – I found this where else but on Twitter. It allows you to manage mutliple Twitter profiles in one central place. Very handy for social media marketers.

Xobni – I am ever on the lookout for ways to keep organised and love the concept of Xobni as a tool to help me keep my in box efficient.

Yelp – had a good meal and want to rave or had a bad spa experience and want to rant, then you need to Yelp.

Loopt – the concept seems a bit wierd (I am not sure if I want everyone to know where I am and what I am doing via maps on their phones) but Loopt will probably catch on.

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  1. Thanks Mhairi for sharing those great tools and for introducing me to Xobni. I have tried it and absolutely love it already. I LOVE technology that help me become more efficient.

    Thanks again.
    Isabelle 😉

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