10 Business Reasons to Twitter

Given my previous 2 posts, I thought this would be a good time to revisit the reasons and benefits of using microblogs and Twitter in particular for business benefit.

1. Great source for the latest information in your industry – if you’re following the right people that is.
2. Shorter than blogs and more concise so if you only have a few moments you can hone in on juicies more readily.
3. Stellar way to establish your expertise and build awareness of what you do – build brand.
4. Microblog technology can be used to expand awareness of your service. A great example is the police and fire services using Twitter to get the word out in emergency cases.
5. By linking or announcing new articles or changes to your site you can drive more traffic to said site.
6. Microblogs are a great way to monitor what being said about your product or industry, so you can keep ahead of the pack. Its also a great way to elicit feedback.
7. To share neat links and add value for your followers.
8. To collaborate on a project with remote partners or colleagues in short blasts.
9. Whilst direct selling on microblogs is discouraged, many companies use it to bring awareness of the existence/benefits of their products and services to new markets.
10. To network with peers in your industry in order to develop your knowledge and to build better partnerships.

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