Another Facebook Hoax

I love tracking the stats on the traffic that comes to this web site and can easily while away hours finding out where people are visiting from and what they are interested in. I was therefore fascinated this weekend as I watched traffic to the site spike at a time when there had been no post so of course I headed straight into Google Analytics to find the solution. There I discovered that it wasn’t a new post that people were finding but an old one.

Let me explain. Back in December 2007, the there was a similar spike that happened when I posted Facebook overpopulated? and Facebook Overpopulated – the aftermath discussing a fun wall post I had received in Facebook warning that the system was overloaded and that inactive users would be deleted unless they forwarded the message. It was a classic chain mail hoax and many were taken in.

By using Analytics I was able to determine that the traffic patterns to this site were repeating this phenomenal surge in traffic but this time there was no new post simply the old post that worried Facebook users were finding. I can only assume that the hoaxers (is that a word? – sounds like the Scottish word for armpits – which is rather apt really) had decided to revisit their little scam.

If you have indeed received the fun wall or email similar, here is Facebook’s excerpt outlining how they communicate with users in the event that they need to do so. ”We will never use any of the following methods to tell you information, or ask for you to take an action:

  • Your Wall
  • An inbox message from a friend— in other words, chain letters.
  • Messages spread through Applications—if an application is telling you that Facebook is about to shut down, report it.”
  • I hope we have put your mind at rest somewhat. Thanks for coming to our site. Please stay a while and find out more about what we do….

    Gotta love Google Analytics.

    Mousa Broch Thanks Sam for the photy!

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