Getting Your Mail Together

This great article came from Rowena List of Getting It Together and deals with strategies to get your email organized – thanks Rowena!

Getting Your Mail Together

Dedicated to all the people who would like to simplify their lives just a little bit more.

When it comes to our mail you will want to adopt the “Deal with it, delegate it or dump it” philosophy.

Deal With It: Let’s start with the first one. Collect your mail from the box when you have 2 minutes to deal with it. Handle each piece of mail once if at all possible. File your bills and invitations etc under the appropriate dates in your 1to31 organizing binder. There is no need to pay bills until the day they are due. By being organized with your mail you will avoid the pitfalls of having piles of unopened mail all over your kitchen counter or top of your desk.

Delegate It: Can you delegate any of the mail tasks? Setting up prepaid authorization payments is a great way of delegating your bill payments and takes the stress out of paying them monthly. Is there someone in your household that can fill in the forms that need to be returned to set-up authorized payments? If not set aside some time to do this yourself. The time spent to get it set-up will be worth it!

Dump It: Dump all junk mail in the recycling bin or better yet sign up for the RED DOT program and you will never receive junk mail again. Think of the trees you will be saving too.

Next time you go to your mail box try these simple tips and see how much time you will save. What will you do with that extra time?

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