Chrome – Google’s New Open Source Browser

Google today announced the arrival of the latest tool in their arsenal for Internet domination. Its called Chrome and its a new open source browser aimed at making your online experience better.

Chrome is marketed as being faster, safer, easier. The look and feel of the browser is certainly very simple – perhaps overly simple on first impressions but that could be because I am accustomed to a more complex interface for browsers like Firefox.

Chrome has some neat features such as safe browsing alerts that notify you if a site has malware or may be phishing. The browser also features crash resistance but we managed to crash it when trying to drag tabs to the desktop (another advertised feature).

As a user, you’ll also be able to open web apps from your desktop should you wish which can only serve to increase productivity by eliminating some of the distraction of going online. It should make taking advantage of web 2.0 technology much easier.

Google has made the underlying code for Chrome available and acknowledges using components from other open source contributors like Apple and Firefox to build. Unfortunately its not supported on a Mac right now but a version is in development and I’ve signed up for the emails so will be tracking this one closely.

Have you used Chrome yet? Please share your experiences here.


  1. Nice browser. I like the speed. It is the fastest compare to available browser nowadays.
    It would be nicer if Chrome has download management add-ons like FF’s Flashgot.

  2. I downloaded Chrome on the Windows side of my MacBook. Crap, it’s a blazer. Took about 18 secs to configure and shot around like a puck on ice. Looking forward to the Mac version. Will be interesting to see if it is useful to make payments as Safari/Firefox can be hit and miss depending on the vendor. Rogers bill pay doesn’t work on Firefox for example. Most annoying. If Chrome can do it, I’ll just dust the other two. And of course IE on the windows side…

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