Online Tools to Use To Enhance your Professional Personna or Find a Job

I had the great fortune to present last night to the YWCA Connect To Success Program here in Vancouver. The subject of the presentation was “How to rise above the rest of the world on the Internet” and we looked closely at using Social Networks (Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace) as well as blogs and other tools that you can use to enhance your career or find a job.

I wanted to follow up on the presentation to provide links to some of the sites I mentioned and to some very useful resources that I came upon when researching the presentation.

Jim Stroud is a recruitment specialist. He uses the microblog Twitter to very effectively reach his target audience.

Twithire – another Twitter based application this time designed specifically for jobs although I am not sure who would want to hire a Twit anyway!

Mashable list of 70 tops sites to use for jobhunting.

Squidoo – this is a great way to create your own lens or website dedicated to your area of expertise.

PeopleMaps – is a great online service for both job seekers and employers providing highly accurate personality reports (I know I did one). Add their “Psychologist in a Box” Facebook application to your profile to let potential recruiters know more about you.

Land Your Dream Job is another Peoplemaps innovation – its about to launch and is getting a lot of buzz so keep your eyes open for that one in the next week or so.

Great job hunting or career development and thanks again to the organisers and all those who attended. You had some brilliant questions and excellent insights.

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