Vancouver Blogosphere Top 20

Congratulations to the top twenty most visible bloggers in Vancouver (according to Now Public and the Vancouver Sun):

1 Darren Barefoot

2 Tim Bray

3 Boris Mann

4 Kris Krug

5 Roland Tanglao

6 Tom Williams

7 Megan Cole

8 Rebecca Bolwitt

9 Arianna Schweber

10 Tod Maffin

11 Dick Hardt

12 Tris Hussey

13 Alfred Hermida

14 Matthew Good

15 Ian Andrew Bell

16 Travis Smith

17 Danny Robinson

18 Paul Sullivan

19 David Beers

20 David Eby

One Comment

  1. I got inspired by this list. In fact, I think it’s the reason why I consolidated my accounts under What says you, Mhairi? I think we’d make fine additions to that list.

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