10 Internet Marketing Tips

1. Its not good enough to simply to put up a web site and hope that people will
visit. You have to give them a reason to visit and more to keep them coming back.
Get creative and remember to always add value – tell them something they dont
already know.
2. Positioning is vital. Theres no need to spend vast amounts of money on this – if
you dont have it: do it yourself. The top engines that you should position with are:
Google, Yahoo, MSN, Lycos, Add-Me and Scrub the Web).
3. Search engines are more likely to find your site if the content is updated regu-
larly so make sure that the site is well maintained and regularly reviewed. Share
tips and advice as well as new testimonials, company milestones and press re-
4. Consider using a branded blog to establish or entrench your expertise. This has
the added benefit of driving traffic to your site.
5. Internet marketing should go hand in hand with a traditional marketing strategy
with one complementing the other. Your brand should be consistent. Use the same
logo, typeface and branding on the Internet as you use in traditional marketing
6. Links – encourage partners, clients and interested parties to link to your site (and
reciprocate). The more links your site has the more attractive it will be to the
search engines.
7. List your website on all company letterhead, brochures and business cards to
promote your presence and make it easier for prospects to find you online.
8. Use all tools at your disposal to drive traffic to your web site including traditional
media and Internet advertising, blogging, wikis and social networks.
9. The Internet is a vital source for market research – use it. Always check out your
competitions web presence and find out what people are saying about your market
or even what clients are saying about you!
10. Use Google analytics to track and monitor traffic to your site to ascertain
whether your goals are being met.

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