Overcoming Social Media Marketing Objections – Third Tuesday Presentation

I had the honor tonight to present to Third Tuesday in Vancouver. The subject was “Overcoming the challenges of marketing new media to traditional decision makers” and the topic certainly stimulated conversation.

Here are the ten objections to new media that I come across most often and discussed tonight. To find out how to counter these, check out the Hummingbird604 blog – Raul kindly liveblogged the event and did a great job encapsulating. Thanks to all involved.

1. We already use social media
2. Its only for snotty nosed kids
3. Our audience isn’t there yet
4. It a flash in the pan
5. Loosing Control of Your Brand
6. Privacy concerns
7. Too Much Fluff
8. No Time
9. Traditional media is best
10. What is the ROI

Ssssh don’t tell too many people but Miss604 brought along Canucks tickets for Saturday’s game – she was raffling them to raise money for the foodbank and I think you might still be able to enter on her blog.


  1. I went to the Third Tuesday meeting in Calgary last night, Mhairi. It was held at the City of Calgary municipality building where Jacob George heads the social marketing team. He had lots of great things to share, but one point he made is that you need the buy in on a corporate leader in order to succeed. If you don’t have a fan at the top, it won’t work.

    Also, privacy concerns was a big issue. Jacob said that they have corporate communications standards that all employees are expected to abide by. Comments and submissions are monitored, and should anyone step out of bounds, they are spoken to – not reprimanded. “After all, if a company is not prepared for conversation, they shouldn’t be in social media in the first place.”

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