What you should know before you market online.

1. Understand your prospective customer: who they are, why they buy, when and so on – do they buy on-line or use the Internet to research product information?

2. Your company – what resources are in place or will be made available, also consider existing web presence, company culture, mission, goals and policies etc?

3. Competition – check out what your competition is doing on line, track blog and RSS feeds that mention them as well as comments on their products or service from users.

4. The market – is the overall market experiencing and up turn / down turn or is it in a state of flux? These will all impact the approach you take.

5. Integration to overall marketing and advertising strategy is imperative. Each must complement and support the other by conveying the same brand image and messages.

6. If you don’t have web savvy resources in house then don’t worry – get guidance from people who do this.

7. Positioning – find out where you stand in the web rankings in comparison to others in your field.

8. Traffic – who visits your site right now, how often and how long do they stay.

9. Pricing – if your offering is considered “prestige” then your web strategy will be different than if your its aimed at the masses.

10. Consider all tools at your disposal to promote your web presence and don’t forget to consider newer technologies such as wikis, social computing for effective Internet marketing.

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