Obama’s Success a Testament to The Power of Social Media

I think the whole world breathed a sigh of relief and took a mutual step back from the brink last night as Barack Obama became President Elect of the US.

One of the reasons he was so successful was because he was able to appeal to ethnic voters, younger voters and voters from all walks of life in the US. His campaign was truly one of the best political campaigns ever conducted. Why, because he utilized every tool available to him to get the word out and to motivate the people.

His campaign was one of the first to effectively harness social media and this turned out to be pivotal in reaching the minorities and apathetics. Here are just some of the ways he used social media to help him win:

He effectively used YouTube posting inspirational videos to his own channel.

He used Flickr to real life pictures of real people in the campaigns as well as campaign posters.

His resume is on LinkedIn for all to see and he has used LinkedIn to ask questions and get answers from his constituents.

He used Facebook and MySpace to help humanize his appeal and to network with younger audience.

He has over 117,000 followers on Twitter and used that forum to briefly state the obvious during the campaign.

These are but a few of the social media tools he used to effectively spread the word and motivate the masses. In his victory speech he states “I will listen to you especially when we disagree”. No doubt he will be using the power of social media to do this too – I hope so.


  1. Mhairi, thank you for putting so succinctly the explanation for why my Facebook rss feeds from all my (Canadian!!) friends were all about Obama. Not only did it contribute to a great campaign for the American election, but I believe it also garnered much of the the international goodwill that is being talked about.– Fern

  2. November 4th…what a night! I was sitting in a great little Italian Restaurant in San Francisco with close friends listening to Obama’s amazing winning speech and for the first time in a long time, I felt a sense of spark and excitement and a re-newed sense of hope and possibilities for the human race.

    It was an extremely emotional moment and I am very grateful to have been there for it.

    Cheers to new possibilities,
    Isabelle 😉

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