Out-Smarts On Spark – Effective Blogging

Last week I blogged about the great Spark CBC Radio Show and its featured segment with Merlin Mann on blogging.

Listen out for this week’s session where Merlin follows up on pinpointing your blog passion with setting expectations. He points out that it is extremely important to set expectations regarding your blog so that you can work to achieve them consistently. These include: how often you blog, whether you will encourage interaction, style of content (audio, video, written). If you don’t set appropriate guidelines and goals for your blog you are less likely to achieve them and your message will become diluted. Check out our previous post on corporate blog writing etiquette.

The best part about this week’s show – I am listed as one of the contributors. Listen out for my comment on blog obsessions on Spark today at 4pm.

Oh and Dan and Nora – I should have pointed out thats Mhairi with a V! Thanks for another great show!

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