Reasons to Be Cheerful November 2008

With the bleak weather and economic outlook we’re all in need of some reasons to be cheerful this month. Thankfully there are many social media reasons to be cheerful. Here are our discoveries of the month (and we have more than usual so enjoy!):

Intranet Connections – a great tool for any company looking to put the benefits of social media to use internally.

Pipl – wondering about your on line profile? Use Pipl yourself and see.

In my constant search for tools that help me Twitter more effectively I found Twhirl, Tweetscan and Brightkit this month although none of them effectively manage Twitters from different times zones or auto replies (if you know of another share it please!).

Want to create a vector – try Vector Magic.

Blippr, Second Brain – new social media sharing sites, one for organizing media (books, music and movies etc) the other for online content.

Gliffy – create flow charts and diagrams.


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