The Olympics and Social Media

With the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver coming up on us quickly the media circus is already gathering steam. Recently members of the traditional press came to Vancouver for a World Press briefing by the Olympic Committee. Absent from their midst according to an article in today’s Vancouver Sun were new media and social network journalists – despite the efforts of Raincity Studio’s Dave Olson who published an open letter to the committee on their blog requesting representation.

Its no surprise that the Olympic committee is shirking this question. Many organisations especially large traditional companies (those that vet each and every public communication to ensure it reflects the corporate line) view social media as a quandary and even a threat to their brand. They think that encouraging community participition leads to loosing control of that branding process. But the fact of the matter is that brands are out there in the public forum anyway. Isn’t it better to be part of the conversation to learn adapt and grow because of it than to be on outside throwing out press releases.

Social media journalism is undoubtedly going to be part of the Olympics in Vancouver with an army of bloggers, social network participants and online journalists all giving their perspectives. Rather than stick their head in the sand the Olympic committee should be embracing this new way to entrench its brand with new generations and different communities.


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