10 Pitfalls of Social Media (and how to avoid them)

  1. Not having strategy – social media are a great tools to reach your audience but thats simply what they are – tools. Without a marketing strategy you will end up spinning your wheels.
  2. Time sucker – social media can be a real distraction. Don’t let it suck up your time. Schedule it into your day and keep to the schedule.
  3. Adding people willy nilly – don’t do this: if you do you risk looking like someone who is only out to be spammy.
  4. Expecting instantaneous results – building an effective social media presence takes time and effort over a period of months and sometimes years depending on what you are trying to achieve and how you are going about it.
  5. Only looking to promote never to share – if you don’t give in social media you won’t get back. Always look to contribute and add value for others.
  6. Becoming overwhelmed – there are hundreds even millions of social media tools out there. You can’t be on all of them and do so effectively. Cherry pick the tools that are right for your business and focus on those.
  7. Narcicism – don’t blow your own horn too much about inane drivel – no one cares what you had for breakfast and it certainly won’t help your efforts to grow your network.
  8. Too much information – be selective about your contributions to social media, always ask if what you are posting is appropriate.
  9. Not branding – always consider your personal or company brand and use it to build your online presence in these forums. And remember to link back to your site too at every opportunity.
  10. Jumping on the bandwagon – don’t just set up a blog or Twitter because its the in thing to do. Do some research in advance and decide if its right for you or your business (are your customers or target audience using it?) and if you can do it consistently. If you can’t then a dead blog or Twitter account doesn’t look good for your company.

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