How Lucky We Are

I just talked with my uncle in England who is celebrating his 80th birthday. With the wisdom of the years, he talked about how much things have changed in his lifetime.

When he was a lad they didn’t have a phone, far less a TV and computers hadn’t even been invented. His brothers and sisters shared one small room and were lucky when it was their turn for the bed. In contrast to the old days, the last time he was visiting his family he sat and watched as each one of them took turns to log on to the Internet. It was, to him, a wonderful thing. He commented on how lucky we are to have this channel that makes access to information (learning), friends (old and new) and the ability to communicate and share so easy.

This got me thinking about how we often take things for granted in the world we live in. We complain about this and that. We should stop and think how lucky we are.

Here at Out-Smarts we’ve been working on our own time to help spread the word about Hippo Roller in social media. Hippo Roller is a water barrel designed to help make it easier for people in the the world who have no access to fresh water in their homes to collect water.

We discovered Hippo Roller because of our work on the Internet. We were able to connect with the organization and get involved thanks to the Internet and the Internet makes it easy for the people on the team (who are in numerous different time zones) to work together to spread the word about this great cause.

At a time when so many of us have ubiquitous access to the Internet, its hard for us to imagine not having access to something as simple as clean water but millions of people out there face this predicament every day. I hope in my life time that access to clean water is ubiquitous for everyone, access to the Internet would simply be the icing on the cake.

The new Internet and social media in particular makes it easier for us to connect and to share and to collaborate. How are you using this new found capability to help make the world a better place?

If you are interested, please join Hippo Roller on Twitter @Hipporoller or join the Facebook Hippo Roller Page and help us to spread the word, deliver water to those in need and to make a difference.

Happy Birthday Uncle Sandy!


  1. And in a delicious irony, while talking to my doctor friend in Africa, calling me from a paraffin-powered phone during flooding in Mali a couple of months ago, I told him about the Hippo Roller. Naturally, since he’s working to eradicate malaria, he was totally psyched about the project.

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