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Here is a reblog of our Jan 1st 2008 predictions post with our review and predictions for 2009 in red.

2006 was the year of YouTube and 2007 was the year of Facebook so what will 2008 bring?

2008 was definitely the year of Twitter. 2009? Likely mobile or geographical based social networks like BrightKite (or similar) will take off. As well, tools that allow you to consolidate social networking efforts will grow more popular (like FriendFeed).

I predict we will finally see companies grasping the potential of social media marketing. Little light bulbs will start switching on as executives and entrepreneurs finally get it. Social media marketing uses the collaborative nature and social gathering and sharing places of the Internet to spread awareness of a product service or organisation.

How right that was. In 2008 we started the year with blank looks from most business people when we talked of social media marketing. Happily, we ended the year with executives calling us for our advice as they finally recognised the power of social media to help them effectively reach their markets and build loyal communities.

Well see more organisations take advantage of tools like Flickr and YouTube to improve customer service and enhance satisfaction using product images, video demonstrations as well as to spread awareness via unique and innovative clips.

I blogged about this recently and yes, amateur video for business did take off in 2008, especially on Facebook where its easy to add video and share with your audience. Alas much of the content isn’t unique nor is it innovative (although there are some veritable gems out there). Hopefully that gets better in 2009.

Organisations will recognise the benefits of blogging outlined just today in an article by Duct Tape Marketing called Blogg Dammit! and implement effective blog strategies.

Approximately 2000 new blogs are started every day and there is no sign of blog popularity waning but microblogging and Twitter in particular was definitely the de rigueur style of blogging in 2008. Watch out for Twitter to explode even more in 2009 and for it to go mainstream.

Social Networks will no longer be the domain of youth and students and will instead become a vital component in any businesss on-line presence – networks will ad capabilities to attract these audiences.

The fastest growing segment of the population adopting social networking in 2008 was the over 35’s. Need I say more?

Where collaboration was key in 2007, mobility will be the mantra of 2008 with technology making it easier to access and interact with blogs, photo and video sites and collaborative tools such as wikis wherever you are.

Last time I was on the bus, practically everyone around had a smart phone. In 2009 geo based applications will continue to proliferate. We will see more social applications centred around these capabilities this year and marketers will begin to more effectively take advantage of these geo capabilities to promote products and services.

A new age in marketing is upon us and its going to be an exciting year for us all.

This will be even more the case in 2009. With the econony taking a downturn companies will have to find ways to be more effective on tighter budgets. Many traditional organisations will be forced to adapt or face extinction.

Whilst 2008 was the year that organizations recognised social media marketing’s potential, 2009 will be the year that companies will acknowledge the fact that social media is less expensive than traditional marketing approaches, more effective in terms of reaching a highly targeted audience and more versatile. 2009 will be the year that social media becomes an integral component of any company’s marketing mix.

Here’s to peace, prosperity and social media proliferation in 2009! Happy New Year to all our visitors, friends and colleagues.



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