Death Of Advertising – Chris Heuer

Chris has been talking about the death of advertising since 1994.

4 Areas:

  • Is it really dead?
  • What killed it (did it kill itself)?
  • What works?
  • The rebirth.

Marketing has become a 4 letter word. Consumers have created a backlash and don’t want to be sold anymore.

Chris Asks – is advertising dead?

Traditional is dying/dead but advertising is evolving i.e. blog outreach, ads on social networks. Reality is reviews have taken place of advertising. When we want to find out about hotels or restaurants we go to sites where real people review.

What killed advertising?

Choice killed it. Power: shifting power and our ability to make decisions. Bombardment from direct mail helped. We have more information available to us now to make educated decisions. Tivo etc allows you to filter it out. People have more choices – they are spending more time doing other things i.e. on social media. We get zoned out and stopped noticing stuff because we are bombarded with shit we don’t need. Search killed it – we can find things for ourselves now.

What works?

Informative advertising works. If we learn from it and its appropriate then its not advertising, its helpful. If its timely and your in the market then it works. Building on the “social” of social media works. You have to stop selling and start helping people find what they want to buy.

We have to change our thinking about advertising. Traditional advertisers don’t understand the web medium.

How does it get reborn?

Mechanism for content distribution. Dell on TechCrunch – video ads of conversations with users. Nudey pictures of soccer hooligans with slogans on there bum?.

Creative media works i.e. Will It Blend – Blendtech ad budget is zero and yet when they blended an iPod it came up 5th in Google searches for iPods for a while. Resulted in 500% growth in sales.

Build on relationships rather than transactions.

The best marketing is what you do with the product before your start selling.

Real marketing is about matching your products and services with the actual people who really need them. We need to get back to real marketing, understanding our customers and giving them what they want.

Be who we are!

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