Northern Voice 2009

Tomorrow and Saturday I will be attending Northern Voice – the personal blogging and social media un/conference. I thought I’d post my top 10 reasons for going again (yes indeed my reasons do differ from last year – this is not a repost).

1. Number one reason is that I met so many fantastic people at last year’s event that I am dying to reconnect and meet some more.

2. Its such a social media lovefest with back slapping and all.

3. I hope to learn something new perhaps about podcasting, video content or the next big thing.

4. I like to learn some WordPress tricks so that I can in turn share my knowledge with you.

5. At only $60 a pop its well worth the money and that even includes lunch.

6. I am hoping to get the chance to macrame my own lanyard in the interests of reducing, reusing and recycling.

7. I intend to podcast, liveblog and even take some photos of the event.

8. I will be trawling for innocent future podcast contributors, partners and prospective clients (you have been warned!).

8. I see the conference is being sponsored by the BC Liberal party and I want to know why.

9. I also want to know what the hell EduBlogger Hootenanny means (methinks perhaps some kind of teacher/nanny/owl that blogs but I could well be wrong?!?!?).

10. And last but not least I always like a good excuse to get out of real work for the day.

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