Steps To Change Your Twitter Handle

President and Founder of Imagex Media, Glenn Hilton had a great post on his personal blog the other day where he shared his experience when trying to change his Twitter name and the solution that worked for him. Its a very valuable piece (and its something we’ve been asked about more than once) so we decided to share an excerpt of the post with you. Here it is:

Steps to Change Your Twitter Handle:

1. Pick a new handle that will work best for the brand that you want to create. Check out Hubspotss Twitter Handles Dos and Donts and Strategy for Creating a Twitter Handle for input on this.

2. Log into your Twitter account and click on “Settings”.

3. Enter your new handle into the “username” field and then wait for Twitter to check for the availability of that username. If its not available then you may need to try your second or third choice.

4. As soon as you find your choice available, then enter your “Password” (in the grey box that should have appeared below) and then click on “Save”.

5. Immediately “Sign Out” of Twitter and then sign up for a new Twitter account by clicking on the “Get Started – Join” button.

6. During the setup of your new account make sure to use the OLD handle that you were using in your main account.

Once thats done youll now have 2 accounts. Your main account will have your new handle (ie. @glennhilton) and will have retained all your followers. Your new account will have your old handle (ie @canuckfan82) and you can use that account if you want for a secondary purpose or to retain it to catch any direct messages or @replies that your followers or others may respond to. You can then get back to them from your main account and give a notification of the change. I also suggest making a clear statement in the bio of your new account, that your main account has moved. This is especially helpful for new people who may come across your account and want to follow you as it will send them on to your new account saving you both time in you not having to get back to them to notify them personally, and them having to later waste time in changing the account they want to follow. I actually added a note in all caps in the bio of my new account that says in “IVE MOVED MY MAIN TWITTER ACCOUNT TO @glennhilton”

Thanks Glenn for solving this quandary!


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