5 Social Media Marketing Considerations

Here are five important considerations you should take into account before embarking on your first social media project.

1. Who are your customers – are they online and where do are they most likely to hang out online. If you are selling zimmers to octogenarians, there might be better uses of your marketing dollar.

2. Does social media fit with your corporate brand? – Some companies like to control every client touch point as much as possible and as such social media with its interactive, social format might not be attractive.

3. Do you have the time and resources to do it right? – This is a big one. It takes time and effort to be effective when social media marketing and success doesn’t usually come overnight. If you don’t have time then you should consider getting an expert to help you social market effectively.

4. What are your goals? You social media goals should align with the overall goals of your company. If they don’t they could be counter effective. As always set goals that are achievable and applicable.

5. What differentiates you from the rest of the pack? – this is important in any marketing project and social media marketing is no exception. You will highlight these when building your presence.

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