Our 9 Favorite Twitter Tools

1.Twitterfeed – lets you set up auto links so that when you blog or update your site you automatically Twitter with a link to the post.
2.Tweetdeck – see all your Twitter info in one handy dashboard.
3.Twitter Counter – tracks and analyzes your followers.
4.TwitterSnooze – very handy if you want to take a break from those who over Tweet. And we like the tartan background on the site.
5.Tweetchat – handy for following #tag topics. Remember to follow @hashtags so your #’s can be tracked too.
6.Tweetlater – schedule Tweets, manage responses and more.
7.TinyURL – makes links shorter.
8.Hootsuite – the ultimate Twitter toolbox.
9. And last but not least Twitter’s very own search.


  1. Solid list. I’ve been using Tweetie on iPhone and have been super pleased. Then I am part of a team that built http://www.tweetthistext.com that makes it easy to highlight text on any page and with two clicks tweet that highlighted text, even if it’s more than 140 characters. Maybe it’d be of interest to you. Cheers.

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