Social Media Crazy Season

Its social media crazy season in Vancouver and the surrounding areas with several different events happening back to back over the next few days.

Tomorrow, join us at the SMEI Social Media Roadshow (I’ll be moderating a panel with mega guest speakers including Rebecca Bollwitt (Miss 604), Rob Duncan (BCIT), Chris Breikss (6s Marketing), Jordan Willms (Sumolabs).

On Friday is the Dare to Thrive Conference out in Coquitlam where I will be holding a workshop on how to use social media effectively for business social media.

And last but not least on Monday is the Crave Business SHOP Symposium 09, a one day conference where, this time, I will be on a panel of social media experts discussing the virtues of social networking – moderated by the lovely Debbie Collins of SOYA and joined by Stephen Jagger of Reachd, Michael Kim of Grapevyn and Alexandra Samuel of Social Signal.

With any luck you can come to one or all of these events and learn how you can use social media effectively to benefit your business.


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  2. I loved Michael Kim’s overview of Grapevyn! It’s a by-invitation only personal word-of-mouth referral network. It seems so simple and am amazed no one has done this yet. Best of luck, Grapevyn! Let us know when we can receive invites!!

    – Alyssa McDaniels

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