Social Media Explained

I get asked the question “what is social media?” all the time. It came up today during our teleseminar with Sue Clement from Success Coaching and I thought I would follow up in this forum to answer the question for a wider audience.

Social Media, according to wikipedia, “are primarily Internet – and mobile-based tools for sharing and discussing information”. The words sharing and discussing information are key. Social media tools are all those tools online or on your phone that let you post information and get feedback, or interact with your others in that forum.

Social media tools include: blogs, podcast, videopodcasts or vlogs, and social networks. Basically any tools that you can use online that allow you to interact, collaborate or get social. In business, which of these tools you use will depend on what you are trying to achieve, who your customers are, your corporate brand and resources.

Social media are simply tools that can be used to extend your reach, to grow your network, to drive traffic, to increase brand awareness and to build business. These days they are a vital component of any company’s marketing arsenal because they are more targeted, less expensive and more versatile than traditional marketing methods.

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