Is Your Company On LinkedIn?

Out-Smarts is on LinkedIn thanks to this very valuable blog post by Jose Uzcategui:

If you joined LinkedIn back in 2004 but havent been active it in the last couple of years, you might not know of some of the features added to this powerful social network.

Some of the people Ive talked to lately were very surprised to hear you could search company profiles on LinkedIn, even though these people have been a part of the social network for a few years.

Yes, with LinkedIn you have the ability to browse and post company profiles. For a couple of good examples, check out the BC Cancer Agency or Microsoft:


What are these company profiles good for?

Target your networking.

If anyone within your immediate or extended network works in a company youre interested in, let them know youre interested and if they can give you a heads up with any job posting being circulated internally. Basically, work your magic.

Show your organizations talent.*

Company profiles show “New Hires”, “Promotions”, “Most Popular Profiles” and other information that automatically builds your organizations credibility and exposure.

*Remember, your online marketing efforts should have a clear strategy. Before creating a profile for your company, browse and find out about your competitors. See how your companys profile would fit in the established market. Do your employees have LinkedIn profiles? Is your company about to have major restructuring?

*Also, make sure you have time to update the profile if you decide to go for it. An outdated profile is more damaging than no profile at all.

…and more exposure.

If you participate, ask interesting questions, answer others concerns, participate in groups, etc, your company will be the first thing people see when they check your profile. Go out there, start answering questions and become an authority. You will look good – and so will your company.

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