Twitter For The People

Last week was a big week for Twitter and for social networking in general. There was the big race to reach one million followers between Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) and CNN and then Oprah (@oprah) decided to get in the the act and she started Twittering too.

With these developments, its safe to say that Twitter has gone mainstream and as an exponent on social networks, the Twitter tipping point comes as good news. However, I was rather cynical about it all: Ashton proclaimed his race against CNN to be a race of “we – the people” against “the establishment”. And proclaimed “victory is ours” when he reached his goal. Sorry Ashton but you can hardly be considered “the people” being a product of the old establishment yourself. And whats more, if you want to be considered as “the people” then perhaps you should consider following more of “the people” rather than simply looking for them to follow you. Ashton has over 1.2 million followers but only follows 74 people himself – rather exclusive for a power of the people kind of guy.

Don’t get me wrong, I respect the fact that we are entitled to use Twitter however we see fit but if someone is going to set themselves up as people against establishment, they should think about the optics a little more.

After her first day on Twitter Oprah got a bit of a ribbing for Twittering: “good nite tweets. first big day in twitterland. gotta get some shut eye and use the weekend for rebooting”, from Tweeps who commented that “Twitter never sleeps”. Oprah’s use of the tool is definitely under the microscope having amassed almost 400,000 followers in 4 days but why is she really on there and what are her goals? Is she planning to use Twitter in an old establishment kind of way by broadcasting out to the masses or will she get social with more people? Only time will tell I suppose, and in the mean time we can enjoy social networking’s moment in the spotlight.


  1. Congratulations Ashton Kutcher for accomplishing what most marketers desire… a large following and media exposure!

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