Coldplay Does Social Media Well

Coldplay is arguably the biggest band in the world right now. They have embraced social media and are being highly effective in using it. Here’s how:

Their website is very highly visually appealing, strong and effective – at the core of every successful social media campaign is a great site or blog to send people to.

They are using the right forums – Coldplay are active in Twitter, MySpace , Facebook and YouTube but I couldn’t find them on LinkedIn (for obvious reasons). There’s no point trying to be active in every single forum, pick those your audience is using on focus on using them effectively.

They add value – this weekend’s free download of “LeftRightLeftRightLeft”was really smart. Not only did they add value and make people feel like they care but they also collected millions of email addresses (over 3.5 million at last Tweet) in the process giving them even more direct contact with fans. Always look to give the gift of information (or in this case music) and add value for your audience – make them feel good.

Transparency – after a poor start on Twitter (they got lots of flack in the UK for having a PR person Twittering for them) their posts now seem to be somewhat personalized – mainly by Guy. But its hard to tell whether he’s really the real Guy…. One criticism – they could try to be more social and interact with their community rather than simply posting. On Twitter as with an social media forum its important to be who you say you are.

Inclusive rather than exclusive – unlike many celebrities on Twitter who only follow celebrities back, Coldplay are actually following a few thousand fans.

So if you are thinking about using social media, take a look at Coldplay and learn a thing or two from them. And you might want to download the music when you are at it, its well worth a listen.

Adding Value

In the right forums

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