Reasons To Be Cheerful – May 2009

Lots of new media reasons to be cheerful this month.

Microsoft has a new offering the promises to change the way we search the Internet. Its called Bing and is still under wraps so we’ll have to wait and see if it will better the mighty Google.

Not to be outdone, Google also has a new offering in beta. Google Wave promises to change the way we communicate and collaborate on the web.

Make your own book with Blurb and BookSmart.

Have fun with your desktop at Bump Top.

Twitter tools: Untweeps (get rid of inactive users), Twilert (Twitter keyword listening tool).

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  1. I always look forward to your “Reasons To Be Cheerful” posts as I always learn something new. Have you tried Bump Top? Would like to know more about what you like about it. Has it helped you at all with your “file organization”?

    Let me know when you have a minute.
    Isabelle 😉

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