The Great Blog or Email Dilemma

The to blog or to email question reared its lovely head again this week so I am reposting this blog article from a while back. The answer is of course that you need to do both. Read on….

A blog and a newsletter are two distinct tools with different attributes, each suited to a different audience and useful for building awareness in distinct forums.

A newsletter is best used to keep in touch with those youre already have an established relationship with such as clients, prospects, partners and so on. Its a great way to keep your company fresh in their mindset and remind them of what you do.

A blog on the other hand is better for getting the word out to an untapped audience. Blogging allows you to introduce your core services or products to a wider audience whilst reaching your customer and contacts if they so choose. A blog has the added bonus of building links and increasing traffic.

Theres another key difference between the two and that is that one is push the other pull. A newsletter pushes out your announcements and news to the audience whether they like it or not (which is why its best for existing relationships otherwise it risks being spammy). A blog on the other hand is a source of information that people choose to go to to read or subscribe. Its less intrusive and has more buy in (and therefore is more likely to be read).

If you are asking this question because of limited funds and have to make a choice, first consider where youll get the most bang for your buck. Existing customers are far easier to build business with (assuming you did a good job first time round) than folks you dont know so if you have a lot of those go the newsletter way. But if you are starting from scratch trying to grow a new business and establish your website a blog is the way to go.


  1. I think far too many people have abandoned email newsletters for no good reason. When I hear of folks with customer lists of 1500 or more who don’t do an email newsletter, I wonder how serious they are about staying in business. And yes – absolutely – it is indeed much easier to grow an existing client than it is to constantly – erm – hunt and gather new ones.

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